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Frank Wesighan wrote to me recently. He was proud to announce the Weiland Inn of Courts' decision to present its inaugural professionalism award. He graciously gave me permission to reprint his thoughts here. The following is authored by him. I would add that it is heartwarming to see the Inns movement gaining such traction in workers' compensation. With two workers' compensation Inns in Florida and two others being discussed, we have much for which to be thankful and of which to be proud.

On July 12 we presented the inaugural David Hammond Professionalism Award to the President and Co-founder of our Inn, Judge Neal Pitts. Judge Pitts was selected from 11 nominees by our Professionalism Committee which is comprised of judges, state and private mediators, claimant attorneys, and employer/carrier attorneys. The main criteria for the award are professionalism, preparation, legal knowledge, ethics, respect by all parties, honesty, conduct, longevity.

David Hammond was a well-respected claimant attorney here in Orlando who was taken from us in 2001 at the age of 51.  He was known for all of these qualities and our award was named for him by unanimous vote. We were honored to have his family – wife Cheryl, daughter Kate, son Mark present for the award.  

JCC Pitts received standing ovation upon receiving the award. We will present our award annually.


 We were also honored to have Claude Revels as our guest speaker who spoke on the projected impact of the recent cases on the WC system, his suggestions for areas which need to be modified, and how all of us need to work together to make the WC system better.  His speech was well-received by our members and although he is recently retired, his knowledge and experience would be an asset to future projected legislative discussions. 


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