Proud of the 2014 WCI Presenters

It is hard to believe that it has been a year. It seems like yesterday I saw so many of you at the WCI in Orlando. It is a great opportunity to see and speak with so many members of the section, other lawyers from around the state, doctors, adjusters, risk managers, claims professionals and more.

In reading through the program, I am struck by the vast diversity of programming each year at the WCI. If you cannot find something at this conglomeration that is of interest to you, something is very wrong. There are programs on medicine, safety, risk management, chiropractic, national trends, national legal issues, medical excellence, mediation, regulations, and so much more.

It is gratifying to me that so many of you, the members of The Florida Bar contribute so much time and effort to providing quality programming at this annual event. I wish I could get around to each of your programs and hear the results of that hard work. I am flabbergasted at the amount of effort that you devote to researching, preparing, and presenting on these varied topics.

I try to use this space to praise and recognize members of the Section and generally members of the Bar on their achievements. Each of the individuals listed below is a contributor to the WCI in Orlando next week. They are listed alphabetically by program and then by attorney.

You inspire me with your focus and your dedication to the goal of providing quality programming. Thank you for the many hours that you have devoted to this project and the credit that your efforts bring to the Section, to The Bar, and to attorneys generally. I am proud of your effort and accomplishment. Your hard work reflects well on attorneys everywhere.

As an aside, there are many other lawyers on the program. However, this column could get too long (I know, too late) and to list the out of state attorneys would be another page or two. Perhaps next week. If I missed you, please email me to correct it. It is two O’clock in the morning and I have done my best to catch each and every Florida lawyer by reading through the program. If I did not list you, my apologies; email me and let me know:

Adjuster Breakout

R. Stephen Coonrod, Tallahassee, FL

Raymond A. Lopez, Orlando, FL

Susan N. Marks, Pensacola, FL

Scott H. Silver, Fort Lauderdale, FL

E. Louis Stern, Sarasota, FL

Attorney Breakout

Geoffrey Bichler, Maitland, FL

Rosemary B. Eure, Sarasota, FL

Jason L. Fox, Clearwater, FL

Paolo Longo, Maitland, FL

Sean O’Connor, Gainesville, FL

William H. Rogner, Winter Park, FL

Alison J. Schefer, West Palm Beach, FL

Dawn R. Traverso, Miami, FL

Frank C. Wesighan, Orlando, FL

Glen D. Wieland, Orlando, FL

Scott P. Williams, Orlando, FL

Michael J. Winer, Tampa, FL

Honorable Timothy M. Basquill, West Palm Beach, FL

Honorable Margaret G. Kerr, Miami, FL

Honorable Ralph J. Humphries, Jacksonville, FL

Honorable Stephen L. Rosen, St. Petersburg, FL

Honorable Thomas Sculco, Orlando, FL

Mediator Stuart Suskin, Gainesville, FL

Case Law Update

Geoffrey Bichler, Maitland, FL

Marc E. Golden, West Palm Beach, FL

Daniel T. Jaffe, Tampa, FL

M. Kemmerly Thomas, Tallahassee, FL

Mark L. Zientz, Miami, FL

Employment Law Breakout

Jason C. Taylor, Tallahassee, FL

First Responder Claims Breakout

Michael Broussard, Orlando, FL

Karen J. Cullen, Orlando, FL

George A. Helm, Lake Mary, FL

Paolo Longo, Maitland, FL

Steven P. Pyle, Orlando, FL

Longshore Breakout

Randall Baisden, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Robert L. Bamdas, West Palm Beach, FL

Steve M. Dunn, Miami FL

Mark K. Eckels, Jacksonville, FL

F. David Famulari, Miami, FL

Lisa Torron-Bautista, Orlando, FL

Mediation Institute

Najah Adams, Gainesville, FL

Donna Canina Doyle, Orlando, FL

Robert Dietz, Orlando, FL

Christine L. Harter, Ocala, FL

Clem Hyland, Orlando, FL

AnnaMarie Kim, Orlando, FL

Michael S. Orfinger, Daytona Beach, FL

Rodney G. Romano, West Palm Beach, FL

John J. Schickel, Jacksonville, FL

Robin Caral Shaw, Boca Raton, FL

Stan Strickland, Orlando, FL

Stuart Suskin, Gainesville, FL

Nancy S. Weber, Orlando, FL

Moot Court

Jacqueline L. Blanton Steele, Sarasota, FL

Jennifer L. Gutai, Panama City, FL

Tracey J. Hyde, Panama City, FL

Richard A. Sicking, Miami, FL

Barbara B. Wagner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


M. Kemmerly Thomas, Tallahassee, FL

National Review

H. George Kagan, West Palm Beach, FL

Social Security Breakout

James R. Auffant, Orlando, FL

Carol Avard, Cape Coral, FL

Karrie Beebe, Orlando, FL

Sarah H. Bohr, Atlantic Beach, FL

Richard A. Culbertson, Orlando, FL

Luis R. Gracia, Port Orange, FL

Jana E. McConnaughhay, Tallahassee, FL

Tracy Tyson Miller, Jacksonville, FL

Evan A. Zagoria, South Miami, FL


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